RD Parallax

Create an awesome and clean parallax scrolling effects with our premium RD Parallax plugin.

What Wiki Says

Parallax scrolling is a technique in computer graphics and web design, where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion.

How It Works

Our Fantastic RD Parallax Plugin uses a layer method of parallax effect creation. You can create dozens of layers with any custom content you want.

Fully Responsive

Let visitors use the calendar on different devices, be it a HD desktop or mobile phone. Thanks to its fully responsive nature, it can scale down to any viewport automatically.

clean and valid html5/css

Due to clean ansd well commented HTML code you will find it amazingly easy to customize the project and optimise your theme for search engines.

Query 1.11+

Before setting up RD Event Calendar, you’ll need to install jQuery 1.11+. It will provide an optimal performance of the script on your website.

Cross-Browser Support

The script was optimized to run flawlessly across all the major web browsers.

Released under GPL license?

You are free to integrate the script on as many themes as you wish.

See it in Action

Based on bootstrap 3

Intense is based on the one of the most popular and flexible CSS Frameworks - Bootstrap. It gives you confidence in quality and flexibility of the product you buy

Extended toolkit

Intense provides a poweful and flexible exntended toolkit in addition to basic Bootsrap. If you’ve used Bootstrap itself, you’ll find this all super familiar and easy-to-use.

Unlimited skins & colors

Theme components inherit much of their style from variables, exactly like Bootstrap. Change a few values and the theme adapts.

Parallax Effects

Everyone loves parallax scrolling effects, they are simply beautiful. Intense has advanced parallax options & controls based on flexible and easy-to-use RD Parallax plugin."

Social Integration

Intense has full set of social icons and styling options which allow you to share any content the way you wish.

Made for speed

We know how embarassing and time-consuming can be content loading, so we took care of pages optimization for your smooth expirience.