Flickr Social Widget

Showcase the latest images from your Flickr account in real time with the help of this plugin. Embedded into your website this plugin will display photos, photosets, tags, and other info in a harmonious way.

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Ultimate styling options

You can manage the look as well as what kind of content you would like to the script to display. The settings panel allows you to show the time when a certain post was created, turn on/off logo display, add callback functionality to certain events, etc.

Flickr API integration

This plugin is fully integrated with the Flickr API, allowing you to grab various data directly from the Flickr database. The process is automatic and absolutely secure.

Third-Party Scripts Support

You can endlessly complement the functionality of RD Flickr Feed with the help of third-party plugins.

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RD Flickr Feed is integrated with Require.js. With it the plugin loads much faster, contributing to the user experience provided by your website.

jQuery 1.11+

This plugin requires jQuery 1.11+ to be installed on your website to have it running properly.

Cross-Browser Support

The script was optimized to run flawlessly across all the major web browsers.

Released under GPL license?

You are free to integrate the script on as many themes as you wish.

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